Is there mail-in registration?

Since 2017: We will no longer be offering mail-in registration for TLYM Youth Convention. Online Registration is available at

How can I claim a free registration if I am paying for 12 (For Every 12 Registrants Get One Free)?

On the online registration form, every 13th registration should automatically be calculated as a free registration when registering them all at the same time.

However, if you are doing multiple registration entries, the online system will not automatically calculate the cumulative registrations so therefore, it will not give you the free registration at that moment. Please contact our office at to make special arrangements to claim your free registration.

Can I get a free registration if my total number of registrants adds up to 12, but I submit some registrations as pre-registrations and some as regular and or late?

Yes. For example, if you register 3 people in the pre-registration deadline, then 3 people for the late registration and then 6 more for the on-site registration, you can claim a free registration. You can only get the free registration once you have completely paid for all the 12 registrants.

The medical release form states that leaders need to be cleared with a background check. How do I do this and who do I turn this into?

Background checks need to be conducted by the church through a third party agency that provides background check services. The church is responsible for any fees incurred in this process. These background checks must be reviewed by the pastor and or senior leadership of the church. It is the responsibility of the pastor to ensure every leader is cleared for participation.

Do you confirm my registrations?

For the early registrations, you should receive an email confirming the number of people you have registered. You may not receive confirmation for the late registrations, however, due to time constraints. Feel free to call our Registration Coordinator Eleazar Rodriguez to confirm your registrations at any time. The number is 713-647-2452 or email

There will be a $10 fee for all incomplete registrations.

My senior pastor is unable to attend. Can I use the free pastorʼs registrations for the youth pastor or the associate pastor?

No. Unfortunately, the pastor registrations can only be used for the senior pastor and spouse. NO EXCEPTIONS. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

How can I get a t-shirt for my pastors?

You may purchase a t-shirt for your pastors by using the Online Pastor’s Registration Form.

Does my registration fee include a t-shirt?

Early Registrations and Late Registrations do include a t-shirt with the fee. On-site Registrations and pastor’s free registrations, however, do not include a t-shirt. NO EXCEPTIONS. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Shirts will also be available for sale in limited quantities at the TLYM Store.

Do I need to give you the names of each of the young people who will be attending?

No. On the registration form, we only need to know the name of the youth leader and the number of people who will be attending from your church. We do not need each individualʼs name.

What do I do with the medical release forms?

These forms are a tool for your use, to provide you with vital information in case of an emergency. We require that each form be filled out and submitted to the youth leader. We prefer that the youth leader keep these forms. The youth leader should keep a file of these forms with him/her at all times during convention. You may also choose to mail the forms into our office and we will keep them on file for you. However, it is the youth leader’s sole responsibility to contact TLYM in case of an emergency.

Where do I pick up my registration packets at convention?

Registration packets will be available for pick up by YOUTH LEADERS ONLY on the 2rd floor of the Marriott Marquis, from 12 PM to 5 PM ONLY. Registration will close promptly at 5 PM; please plan accordingly to avoid delays in receiving your registration materials and t-shirts. More information on this process will be provided in the confirmation letter you will receive after registering.

Can I pick up my senior pastor’s registrations?

Only senior pastors may pick up their pastor’s registration, from 12 PM to 5 PM on the 2rd floor of Marriott Marquis. Pastors registrations will not be given to youth leaders.

Also: Senior Pastors and spouse do not have to wait in line. Instead they can use a separate entrance marked for Senior Pastors Only.

Is there children’s church? Do I need to register my child?

There will not be children’s church; childcare will NOT be provided at anytime during convention. Children 12 years and older must register. Children 11 and younger do not need to register to enter Convention, but parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Are the services bilingual?

Yes, all services will be bilingual in both English and Spanish.